General Directions for A Comfortable Walking with God

General Directions for A Comfortable Walking with God

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Bolton, Robert | Soli Deo Gloria Publications


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While Robert Bolton originally wrote General Directions as a spiritual guide for himself, its publication led to its becoming an instant classic. This book encourages us to abandon our loved sin, hate hypocrisy, exercise self-denial, live the life of faith, form right conceptions of Christianity, guard against worldliness, be warmed with the love of God, treasure reconciliation with God, keep the heart, and meditate on future bliss in order to loosen sin’s grip on the soul. Bolton also excels in describing particular Christian duties, such as tending to family, governing the tongue, and managing every action of our lives. Read Bolton’s book, be encouraged in your Christian walk, and find out first hand why generations of believers have cherished this sound volume of pastoral advice.

444 pages

“Richard Baxter went over all this ground a generation later…, but Bolton yields nothing to Baxter in experimental warmth and depth, and sometimes surpasses him.”

—J. I. Packer

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