What Is the Gospel? Study Guide

What Is the Gospel? Study Guide

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Gilbert, Greg | Crossway


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Greg Gilbert’s best-selling book What Is the Gospel? has sold over 300,000 copies, helping Christians and non-Christians alike gain a clear understanding of the central message of God’s word. This study guide was created to further help readers answer this important question and apply the gospel to their lives. Reflection questions, along with summaries and key Scripture passages for every chapter, empower readers to explain the gospel in their own words and apply the truths found in the book. Intended for small groups, one-on-one studies, or individual use, this study guide works alongside What Is the Gospel? to help readers center every part of their lives around the good news of the gospel.

64 pages

Table of Contents

Foreword by D. A. Carson


1. Finding the Gospel in the Bible

2. God the Righteous Creator

3. Man the Sinner

4. Jesus Christ the Savior

5. Response—Faith and Repentance

6. The Kingdom

7. Keeping the Cross at the Center

8. The Power of the Gospel

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