The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism

The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism

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McDermott, Gerald R. | Crossway


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Edited by Gerald R. McDermott, Contributions by Gerald Bray, John W. Yates III, Stephen Noll, Timothy George, Andrew Pearson Jr., Barbara Gauthier, Chandler Jones, Ephraim Radner, Eulid Wabukala, Foley Beach, Mouneer Hanna Anis, Ray. R. Sutton, Russell Reno III

“A fascinating read about a future fraught with challenges and buoyed by hopes.” –Michael F. Bird

Anglicanism is currently the fastest-growing Christian communion in the world. Evangelicals hungry for connection to the early church’s mystery, sacraments, and liturgy are being drawn to this historic denomination. But what sets today’s Anglicanism apart from its own history as well as that of other Christian denominations? Eleven essays by prominent Anglican scholars and leaders representing diverse perspectives from East Africa, North Africa, and North America explore the rich legacy of the Anglican Church—grounding readers in the past in preparation for the future. 

288 pages

“Gerald McDermott has brought together eleven essays and three responses by bishops, theologians, and church leaders from around the world, including two non-Anglicans. This varied collection provides valuable historical perspectives as well as an interesting range of opinions on the current faith and practice of the Anglican Church, coming as they do from different backgrounds, with different perspectives on the Anglican Church today and different outlooks on the future of Anglicanism. A sharp warning of the potentially suicidal effects of ‘neo-pagan Anglicanism,’ coupled with hopeful views from African contributors, leads McDermott to conclude that the orthodox Anglican future ‘will be mostly nonwhite, led by the Global South, and devoted to Scripture.’ While a book this size cannot address all major areas of contention and new developments in the global Anglican Church today, this helpful volume should provoke further thought and discussion about a subject that needs urgent prayer and active response: the future of orthodox Anglicanism."

B. A. Kwashi, Bishop of Jos, Nigeria

Table of Contents


Introduction: Why This Book?
Gerald R. McDermott

Part 1: Regional Perspectives on Anglicanism

  1. An East African Perspective: What Does the Lord Require of Anglicans?
    Eliud Wabukala
  2. A Middle Eastern Perspective: Rooted in Egyptian Soil
    Mouneer Hanna Anis
  3. A Canadian Perspective: Process, Providence, and Anglican Identity/
    Ephraim Radner
  4. A North American Perspective: Neo-pagan Anglicanism
    Foley Beach

Response to the Regional Perspectives
Stephen F. Noll

Part 2: Vocational Perspectives on Anglicanism

  1. A Rector and Scholar: Our Anglican Essentials
    John W. Yates III
  2. A Journalist and Theologian: Reformed Catholicism
    Barbara Gauthier
  3. An Anglican Historian and Theologian: A Church in Search of Its Soul
    Gerald Bray

Response to the Vocational Perspectives
Chandler Holder Jones

Part 3 Ecclesiastical Perspectives on Anglicanism

  1. An Episcopal Dean: Renewed Anglicanism
    Andrew C. Pearson Jr.
  2. An Anglican Theologian: An Ancient-Future Anglicanism
    Gerald R. McDermott
  3. A Baptist Theologian: Reflections on Anglicanism/
    Timothy George
  4. A Catholic Theologian: Reflections on Anglicanism
    R. R. Reno

Response to the Ecclesiastical Perspectives
Ray R. Sutton
Conclusion: Where Is Orthodox Anglicanism Headed?
Gerald R. McDermott

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