BTLH Jesus

BTLH Jesus

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Provencher, Devon | Crossway

Board Book

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Each book in the Big Theology for Little Hearts series introduces a big idea from the Bible with concise definitions and engaging illustrations to help young minds gain a foundational understanding of God's word.

With each volume written to complement all the others, this series is designed to help children develop a cohesive framework of theology that includes God, creation, humanity, Jesus, and the gospel-allowing you to start having crucial conversations with your children as early as possible.

22 pages

Illustrated by Jessica Robyn Provencher

Part of the Big Theology for Little Hearts.

Table of Contents

1. Diety

2. Incarnation

3. King

4. Son of God

5. Rescuer

6. Sinless

7. Prophet

8. Priest

9. Atonement

10. Resurrection

“Theology is not just for big people! From our very first days, it’s critical that we begin to learn about God—who he is, what he is like, and what he has done to save us in Jesus Christ. In Big Theology for Little Hearts, Devon and Jessica Provencher have provided an incredibly helpful resource for teaching your children about God and his gospel. With bold illustrations, childlike language, and beautiful simplicity, they faithfully unfold the theological truths that shape our Christian hope. If you’re a parent—or even if you’re not!—these little books will be a blessing and help to you.”

--- Greg Gilbert, Senior Pastor, Third Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“Devon and Jessica have done an outstanding job of creating an engaging series for children that plainly sets forth the gospel. These books will surely serve to clarify thoughts that little ones are formulating and will lead to helpful conversations along the way. The words are plain even as the concepts are profound. The illustrations are winsome and clear. I look forward to reading this series to my grandchildren. What a worthy addition to the libraries of all who seek to teach big truths to children!”

--- Mary K. Mohler, Director, Seminary Wives Institute; Wife of R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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