The Whole Counsel of God: Why and How to Preach the Entire Bible

The Whole Counsel of God: Why and How to Preach the Entire Bible

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Patrick, Tim & Reid, Andrew | Crossway


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Expository preaching has been on the rise over the last five decades, with more and more pastors preaching through entire books of the Bible systematically. But few, if any, preachers have a long-term plan to teach through every book of the Bible over a lifetime of ministry. Since the whole Bible is God’s Word to his people, all of Scripture is important in order to grow as Christians.

Written to make a case for the necessity of a long-term plan for preaching through the entire Bible instead of just through individual books, this is not just a book on how to preach, but also how to plan and prepare long-range preaching programs through the whole counsel of God.

256 pages

“Practical ‘how-to’ advice from the school of experience is always welcome, and there is a wealth of it here, challenging the expositor to focus and think through issues that are rarely, if ever, considered. How should our preaching schedules faithfully reflect the whole counsel of God, as well as the pastor’s heart for the long-term welfare and nurture of the congregation? It will be a stimulating challenge and tonic for the more experienced preacher, but will prove especially valuable to those in the earlier years of pastoral ministry.”
David Jackman, Former President, The Proclamation Trust

“As individuals, we are positively influenced by our favorite Bible passages. We return to them to form our lives, and we use them to teach and encourage others. Of course we are negatively influenced by the Bible passages we do not know, do not read, and do not use. This limits our growth and maturity, and also limits our usefulness to others. In the same way, churches are positively influenced by their favorite Bible passages and negatively influenced by the Bible passages they do not know! While our evangelical theology may be that the whole Bible is the word of God, our evangelical culture may lead us to neglect most of it. Here is a robust challenge to preachers to ensure that we preach every part of the Bible—a big call for preachers and for churches! How good to be reminded to look for the maximum God has revealed rather than the minimum we can get away with!”
Peter Adam, Vicar Emeritus, St. Jude’s Carlton; Former Principal, Ridley College, Melbourne

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Importance of Preaching the Whole Bible

1. What the Bible Says about the Bible (and about Preaching)

2. The Canon of Scripture

3. Failing to Preach the Whole Bible

The Challenge

Part 2: How to Preach the Whole Bible

4. Understanding the Whole Bible Theologically

5. Preaching the Whole Bible Theologically

6. Big Picture Planning

7. Choosing Books and Planning Preaching Series

8. Putting Preachable Texts into the Calendar

Part 3: Practical and Pastoral Considerations

9. Maximizing Impact

10. Practical Implications and Realities

11. Personal Implications for the Preacher

12. Congregational Care


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