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Dispatches from the Front Episodes 06-10 Box Set

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Keesee, Tim | Frontline Missions

DVD Box Set

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This boxed set contains Episodes 6-10 of the Dispatches from the Front series, which has been called "a front-row seat on the frontlines."? These episodes will help to unite our hearts with our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world, awaken us out of our comfortable Christianity, and expand our vision of the King and His powerful Gospel.

- Episode 6: The Power of His Rising (South Asia)
- Episode 7: Day of Battle (North Africa)
- Episode 8: No Regrets, No Retreats (China)
- Episode 9: Every Tribe (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam)
- Episode 10: The Fourth Man (The Middle East)

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that watching and discussing the Dispatches DVDs together has been invaluable to my family. Hearing stories of the Gospel's advance in seemingly unlikely places teaches all of us to boast in the Lord and to live by faith in the God who raises the dead."?
- Gloria Furman

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