888295117951-DFTF Episode 07: Day of Battle (North Africa)-Keesee, Tim

Dispatches from the Front Episode 07: Day of Battle (North Africa)

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Keesee, Tim | Frontline Missions


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Dispatches from the Front goes to North Africa - to people on whom Christ has long set His sovereign love. From the martyrs of the early church in Carthage to the bold believers across North Africa today, Gospel advance there has always been marked by fear and faith, joy and risk, life and death.

Follow the trail of Christians who are sowing the Word of the Cross and reaping its joyful harvest! From the birthplace of Arab Spring and its all-out assault on Christians, to unreached cities on the edge of the Sahara, Day of Battle goes to the front-line.

It is here where the Gospel is extending the boundaries of Christ's Kingdom and faithful men and women are taking up David's praise in Psalm 140, "O Lord, my Lord, the strength of my salvation, you have covered my head in the day of battle."?

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