Luke's Dispatches: 3 DVD Set

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Total running time: 113 minutes

Overview of Luke’s Dispatches series:

Dispatches from the Front goes to the Middle East, where Luke wrote of Gospel advance in the first century—stories which continue to unfold in our day. Each episode opens in the book of Acts and then fast-forwards to tell of God’s work in the same regions today in order to underscore that what Jesus began, He continues, and He will complete! His Kingdom spans not only continents but also centuries, and the Gospel that was powerful in Luke’s day is still at work in our day! In this package are the first three episodes of the six-episode Luke’s Dispatches series.

Description of each episode:

“Just As Day Was Breaking”

The first episode in the Luke’s Dispatches film series goes to the place where it all began: Jerusalem. “Just As Day Was Breaking” highlights the great themes that resonate throughout the Story of the Church: resurrection, commission, persecution. Journey to Jerusalem—from Golgotha and the Empty Tomb to the Temple steps and Stephen’s Gate—where the Gospel was first proclaimed and the Church was born. Rejoice with believers here today whose lives were transformed by the same Message because the Church then is the same as the Church now—one Lord, one Gospel, one blood-bought family! (Running time 31 minutes)

“A Kingdom Without Borders”

The second episode in the Luke’s Dispatches film series goes to Caesarea, where “there was a man named Cornelius.” In Acts 10 Luke tells of a pivotal event in the history of the Church, a story which underscores that the Gospel of the Risen Christ is to be a worldwide message and that God’s people will be gathered from “every tribe and language and people and nation.” In “A Kingdom Without Borders,” journey to Caesarea, where the Gospel gates were first flung open. And then travel up the coast to Tyre, where a modern-day Cornelius is proclaiming this same Gospel among the mosques and black flags of militant Islam. See the reach of God’s grace as Jesus does the unexpected and saves the unlikely. (Running time 35 minutes)

“City On A Hill”

The third episode in the Luke’s Dispatches film series goes to Turkey. In the earliest days of the early Church, God called the first missionaries to this region. Gospel opposition and Gospel opportunity would go hand in hand as churches were established amid paganism and persecution. Jesus’ servants continue to come here—a new generation of Pauls and Timothys, Aquilas and Priscillas. Walk with these believers as they give the Gospel, show mercy to the poor and hurting, and extend God’s gracious offer of life to all who will receive it.  (Running time 47 minutes)

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