The Christian’s True Identity: What It Means to Be in Christ

The Christian’s True Identity: What It Means to Be in Christ

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Cruse, Jonathan Landry | Reformation Heritage


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With its identity politics, numerous gender identity options, “selfies,” and “you-do-you” mentality, society emphasizes individualism, but it seems like people are having a harder time than ever figuring out who they are. The problem is, they are looking for their identity in the wrong places. Are you seeking your identity in relationships, a career, family, race, gender expression, or other circumstances—and feeling dissatisfied? Then this book is for you. Author Jonathan Landry Cruse offers a fresh, sometimes witty, truly radical, freeing answer to the important question of who you are and helps you understand what the Bible has to say about everything you need for a lasting, fulfilling identity that is found outside of you and in Christ.  

144 pages

“Jonathan Cruse offers a rich and accessible account of the believer’s union with Christ, a vital biblical teaching. Forged on the anvil of Scripture and the day-to-day challenges of the Christian life, Pastor Cruse points readers to life-giving truth in very practical and real ways. This book will assist people in the pews gain a greater knowledge of how God has united them to Christ, from election to their glorification.”

- J. V. Fesko

“While many books have been written on the doctrine of the believer’s union with Christ, there is still a need for a text that can give a clear explanation of this comforting truth and its benefits to the average reader. That is, until now. With The Christian’s True Identity, Jonathan Cruse has filled this need, drawing from his experience as poet and preacher to communicate the beauty and magnitude of this doctrine in a clear, direct, and heartening manner.”

- Simonetta Carr


  1. Union with Him
  2. Chosen in Him
  3. Pardoned in Him
  4. Righteous in Him
  5. Adopted in Him
  6. One in Him
  7. New in Him
  8. Secure in Him
  9. Alive in Him
  10. Communion with Him

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