Gospel Comes with a House Key, The: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World

Gospel Comes with a House Key, The: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World

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What did God use to draw a radical, committed unbeliever to himself? Did God take her to an evangelistic rally? Or, since she had her doctorate in literature, did he use something in print? No, God used an invitation to dinner in a modest home, from a humble couple who lived out the gospel daily, simply, and authentically.

With this story of her conversion as a backdrop, Rosaria Butterfield invites us into her home to show us how God can use this same “radical, ordinary hospitality” to bring the gospel to our lost friends and neighbors. Such hospitality sees our homes as not our own, but as God’s tools for the furtherance of his kingdom as we welcome those who look, think, believe, and act differently from us into our everyday, sometimes messy lives—helping them see what true Christian faith really looks like.

“Artfully woven into the fabric of who we are, each of us possesses an urgency to be included, an ache to be known, and a longing to be welcomed. In this book, Rosaria describes how the good news of the gospel not only meets our deepest needs but transforms us into cohosts who invite others to meet Jesus. Rosaria Butterfield’s enthusiasm for the unparalleled expression of hospitality—the Son of God on the cross drawing all men to himself—is what energizes her to practice radically ordinary hospitality and invite us all to do the same. This book will stir your imagination to generate creative ways to incorporate radically ordinary hospitality into your own life as well.” --- Gloria Furman, author, Missional Motherhood and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

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Table of Contents:

Preface: Radically Ordinary Hospitality

  1. Priceless: The Merit of Hospitality
  2. The Jesus Paradox: The Vitality of Hospitality
  3. Our Post Christian World: The Kindness of Hospitality
  4. God Never Gets the Address Wrong: The Providence of Hospitality
  5. The Gospel Comes with a House Key: The Seal of Hospitality 
  6. Judas In the Church: The Borderland of Hospitality
  7. Giving Up the Ghosts: The Lamentation of Hospitality
  8. The Daily Grind: The Basics of Hospitality
  9. Blessed are the Merciful: The Hope of Hospitality 
  10. Walking the Emmaus Road: The Future of Hospitality
Conclusion: Feeding the 5000: The Nuts and Bolts and Beans and Rice

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