9781922206879-BfLO God Loves Me-Carmichael, Stephanie

BfLO God Loves Me

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Carmichael, Stephanie | Matthias Media


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In this book children will learn that God always loves us. He loves me when I'm little, and He loves me as I grow bigger and bigger. He loves me wherever I am. He loves me whether I am happy or sad. God showed how much he loved me by sending Jesus. Thank you God.

The first three or four years of a child's life are a wonderful time. Children are discovering so much about themselves and about their world. Helping a child learn about God during these formative years is both a great privilege and a unique challenge.

Books for Little Ones is a series of simple books written specifically to encourage your child to take the first steps of faith - first steps on what will be, God willing, a lifetime journey of growing in the knowledge and love of God.

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