A Young Scholar’s Guide to Poetry

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Poetry

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Hogan, Maggie S. & Craig, Melissa E. with Eagleson, Dr. Hannah | Bright Ideas Press


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When you look at a poem, what do you see? When you listen to a poem, what do you hear? When you write a poem, what picture do you create?

Poetry is the art of carefully selecting and shaping words to paint a picture or create a feeling. Throughout the history of the world, poets have offered us a moving understanding of humanity.

Why take time to piece together the poetry puzzle?

  • Because the Bible is full of poetry and imagery, learning about poetry helps us understand God’s Word.
  • Working with poetry helps us better understand the English language.
  • Writing poetry offers a unique way to express our thoughts and feelings.
  • Exploring poetry joins us with our past in the aha moment when we recognize a truth that someone else has put to words.

This course provides a close-up look at poets through the ages and provides the opportunity to interact with their work. By exploring a range of poetic techniques & devices, students will be able to both read and create poetry with understanding and meaning. The authors walk incrementally with young writers through the process of composing their own poetry and encourage their individual creativity.

Includes 32 weekly lessons covering biographies of famous poets and explanations of key poetic devices, easy-to-use timeline and maps, poet info-cards and game directions, poetic device cards, poetry puzzle cards, student reviews, answer keys, coloring pages, poetry reading and resource list, and more.

Hardback with download of Companion Guide included in book

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