Mystery of History Volume II

Mystery of History Volume II

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Hobar, Linda Lacour | Bright Ideas Press


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The Mystery of History Volume II continues the story of God’s working in history with lessons that cover the early church that arose after the death of Christ (AD 33) through the Middle Ages and the invention of the printing press. This classical curriculum is written from a Christian, young-earth perspective, and gives students insight into how the Gospel of Jesus is the mystery behind all of history!

Written in a conversational style, this curriculum is arranged by semester, quarters, weeks, and lessons; each quarter begins with an “Around the World” summary of events to introduce the time period; lessons progress chronologically, with each week having 3 lessons, a pretest, review, activities (including Memory Cards), and exercise or quiz. This book integrates the text with write-in activity pages; these pages are reproducible for family use or students can write directly on the worksheets.

The 84 lessons will take a year to complete if you follow a traditional 36-week school year (3 lessons per week). 714 three-hole-punched and perforated pages. Softcover consumable workbook. Activity pages are reproducible for in-family use only.

The Mystery of History series provides a historically accurate, Christ-centered approach to world history for all ages.

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