9781936141111-Heartbroken and Healing: A Story of Comfort in the Wake of Marital Betrayal-Asher, Mary; Palmer, Hannah

Heartbroken and Healing: A Story of Comfort in the Wake of Marital Betrayal

Product Code: 9781936141111

Asher, Mary; Palmer, Hannah | Focus Publishing


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What does a Christian wife do when she is faced with the reality of her husband's infidelity?

Certainly, Scripture offers this betrayal as an occasion to leave the marriage. But what if she loves her husband and desires to save her marriage and bring an even greater glory to God? In His love and mercy, God has answers for a wife in this painful situation, and making this difficult decision.

Here is a workbook developed by a biblical counsellor for wives who are feeling the pain of their husband's infidelity or pornography habit. It is for the woman who wants to find healing and restoration in her marriage and live in obedience to God. It is saturated with biblical insight and offers hope when you open your heart to God and your husband.

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