9781922206220-Bible Reading With Your Kids: A Simple Guide for Every Father-Nielson, Jon

Bible Reading With Your Kids: A Simple Guide for Every Father

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Nielson, Jon | Matthias Media


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What do you wish for your kids?

As a Christian father, to have them grow up to love Jesus and live faithfully for God would no doubt be at the top of your list. But how does that actually happen? What can you do do to advance that goal?

In this short and extremely practical guide, Jon Nielson reminds fathers that reading the Bible each day with our kids is crucial. It's regular exposure to God's word—along with your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts—that has the power to shape your children and build a faith in them that will last.

But this book doesn't just leave you with a biblical conviction. It also shows you how to go about this kind of daily Bible reading, providing a stack of practical tips and advice, concrete examples, and warm encouragement.

By the end of this book you'll not only be convinced there is no better spiritual gift to offer your children than consistent and prayer-backed exposure to the word of God... you'll be equipped and encouraged to actually do it.

"The Spirit of God is as closely connected to the Word of God as breath is connected to speech, so when the Word is opened the Spirit speaks. Bible Reading with Your Kids is the divine path for young ears to hear the voice of the Spirit. This little book is so beautifully simple, and so right! What a gift this is to the family of God."
- R. Kent Hughes

"When a father has a heart to share the Word of God with his children, it changes their lives forever. In this practical, readable guide, Jon Nielson shows us why and how to share this priceless gift with our own sons and daughters. Using examples drawn from the bedside and the dinner table, Nielson offers a workable plan that any ordinary dad can use to bless his children with the life-saving words of God."
- Philip Ryken

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