9781845502751-World-Proof Your Kids: Raising Children Unstained by the World-Sisemore, Timothy

World-Proof Your Kids: Raising Children Unstained by the World

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Sisemore, Timothy | Christian Focus


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Many Christian parents are at their wits end about raising their children in a healthy and spiritual way. Increasingly, the influence of the world, with its 'me first' obsession, is causing problems within the Christian home. This influence causes Christian families to fall into the four categories:
- The disillusioned family
- The distracted family
- The disciplinarian family
- The dedicated family

All of these end up being influenced by the culture rather than by their faith. Is your family influenced by the culture rather than your faith? It's time to find out and put things right. If you want to help your family, then the Sisemore's are here to help break the cycle.

"Dr Sisemore's clear, biblical theology is the anvil that has shaped and informed his own professional practice in child psychology... Digested and applied, it will help us to bring our children for Christ in a hostile world as he wants us to - in faith not fear."
- William Philip, Minister, The Tron Church, Glasgow

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