9781784982799-Women and God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth-Nielson, Kathleen

Women and God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth

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Nielson, Kathleen | The Good Book Company


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There is much discussion and confusion around the issues of gender equality and gender roles, and the church is not exempt. Some even believe that the Bible contributes to sexism against women and that God is, in some way, sexist.

In this warm, conversational and sympathetic book, Kathleen Nielson looks at what the Bible really says about women and what it reveals about God’s attitude towards them. She asks the hard questions about the Old Testament Law, the role of women in marriage and the role of women in the church – consistently pointing us to God’s Word and His perfectly created order.

“Kathleen Nielson proficiently unpacks difficult passages of Scripture that we sometimes want to avoid. On every page, she helps us wrestle with complex questions, while inviting us to embrace this beautiful truth: God is good to women. This is an excellent and needed book…”
- Melissa Kruger, Author, The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood

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