9781633420878-Everyday Talk About Sex and Marriage-Younts, John & David

Everyday Talk About Sex and Marriage: A Biblical Handbook for Parents

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Younts, John; Younts, David | Shepherd Press


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Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage is written for parents of teenagers and soon-to-be-teenagers. The short, approachable chapters written by a dad and his son who have been through these talks offer wisdom, guidance and application. Includes six sample conversations to help and encourage parents as they navigate these challenging topics.

"There is not a parent wouldn’t benefit greatly from this book. Not only will it help you to get your child thinking biblically about sex, it will help you as a parent to do the same. This is a wise, winsome, gospel-soaked and practical manual of how to talk to your kids about sex as you live with them in a world that’s gone sexually insane. Don’t wait, order this book now.
- Paul David Tripp

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