Parenting with Words of Grace: Building Relationships with Your Children One Conversation at a Time

Parenting with Words of Grace: Building Relationships with Your Children One Conversation at a Time

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Smith, William P. | Crossway


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Many parents think too little of the words they use with their children. They see words as a means to an end, ignoring the relational dimension.

Exploring how words are a means by which children grow to trust their parents, this book offers practical wisdom in the form of short chapters with real-world examples to guide parents into meaningful conversations with their children—reflecting God's own words to Christians as his children. Through consistent encouragement, loving correction, and careful confrontation, parents can use everyday moments to speak to their children in ways that represent God’s heart.

224 pages

Table of Contents:

Foreword (Paul David Tripp)


Part 1: The Vision

1. Parenting is an Invitation

2. The Invitation is Embedded in Your Conversations

3. How Jesus Talks to Estranged Friends

4. Extended Story: Sacred Space

5. You Talk with No Guarantee

6. You Speak out of the Grace You’ve Already Heard

7. Extended Story: “Get in the Van”

8. Your Kids Need You to Talk to Them . . . a Lot

9. Extended Story: Nanny’s Funeral

Part 2: The Hope

10. Sometimes You Don’t Want to Talk

11. Genesis 20

12. Abraham: Misspeaks for God

13. God: Speaks for Abraham

14. Jesus: Speaks for You

15. You: Take Words to God

16. Practice: Prayer of Repentance for Misusing Your Mouth

17. You: Hear Words from God

18. You: Take Words to Your Kids

19. Getting Started: Truth and Love

Part 3: The Skill of Encouragement

20. When Should You Encourage?

21. Encouragement Takes Time

22. Replace the Negatives at Home and Abroad

23. Search for the Positive in Seed Form

24. Be Encouraged When You’re Tired of Encouraging

Part 4: The Skill of Honesty

25. The Goal of Honesty: Rescue

26. Think Before You Speak

27. Be a Mirror that Invites Participation

28. Lead with Your Worst Foot Forward

30. Build Bridges with Your Failures

31. Expect Your Kids to Make Mistakes

32. Extended Story: Catching a Line-Drive . . . or Not

33. Why You Really Do Want a Forgiving Lifestyle

Afterword: You’re a Megaphone

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