9781909559820-Original Jesus: What he really did and why it really matters-Laferton, Carl

Original Jesus: What he really did and why it really matters

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Good teacher... or intolerant judge... or children's story... Who is Jesus?

This is a book about Original Jesus - the one who actually lived in human history. The one who often gets hidden behind all the other versions of Jesus we're offered. The Jesus who is controversial, compassionate, sometimes uncomfortable, often unpredictable... and completely real.

Short, funny, friendly and easy-to-read, Original Jesus looks at seven episodes in Jesus' life from the Gospel of Luke, and explains the central gospel message.

"Laferton simply and attractively walks through Luke's Gospel and in a simple, interesting and relevant way speaks into our culture, which increasingly thinks it's OK for the individual to invent their own view of Jesus. This is a book worth anyone's time. I loved reading it, and I'd love my friends to read it."?
- Rico Tice

"Our culture loves to reinvent Jesus in its own image. This tremendous book gives us a strong and thrilling dose of reality."?
- Jared Wilson, pastor, blogger and author of Gospel Wakefulness and Your Jesus is Too Safe

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