9781845505974-Dawkins Letters, The: Challenging Atheist Myths-Robertson, David

Dawkins Letters, The: Challenging Atheist Myths

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When Richard Dawkins published The God Delusion, David Robertson wanted an intelligent Christian response - and so he wrote it. This honest book draws on Robertson's experience as a debater, pastor and author to clarify the questions and the answers for thinkers and seekers, and to respond to Dawkins in a gentle spirit.

"The book does a particularly good job of point out the unending contradictions between what Dawkins wants to believe and what he must actually believe."?
- Tim Challies, Blogger at www.challies.com

"The content is excellent. It's a fun, engaging read."?
- Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

"This book is a refreshing, excellent read... I wouldn't hesitate to pass this book on to a non-Christian, atheistically-persuaded friend."?
- Hannah Wooley, The Evangelical Magazine, Evangelical Movement of Wales

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