9781784981594-Capturing God: The surprising image that reveals the truth about God-Tice, Rico

Capturing God: The surprising image that reveals the truth about God

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Imagine being offered one photograph that captured the essence of God - an image that revealed everything you need to know about everything that matters. And imagine if this picture of God would shock you... shake you... and change you forever. Would you look at it?

Rico Tice takes readers to the cross, inviting them to see God as they have never seen him before. Readers will see that the God captured in Luke's Gospel is a God of integrity, welcome, justice and peace.

"This is vintage Tice: a warm, engaging, crystal-clear presentation of the gospel. It gets straight to the heart of the Bible's message and right under the skin of the reader."?
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford; Director of The Proclamation Trust

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