9781781912706-Why I Am Not an Atheist: Facing the Inadequacies of Unbelief-Randall, David J (Editor)

Why I Am Not an Atheist: Facing the Inadequacies of Unbelief

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Randall, David J (Editor) | Christian Focus


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Eleven Christians - including a biologist, a psychiatrist, a journalist, and a debater - came on 11 different paths to God. How and why? This book is the compilation of their answers and experiences written in response to Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not a Christian.

Contributors include Donald Bruce, Alistair Donald, Henk Drost, Elaine Duncan, Alex MacDonald, Pablo Martinez, David Randall, David Robertson, Chris Sinkinson, Heather Tomlinson and Ravi Zacharias.

"Each of the contributors bring a warmth and rigor that is both personal and fully engaged with the questions our world - and our hearts - ask. This book will help your heart rejoice in the God who is Lord over every square inch of his creation, and whose word is trustworthy and true."?
- Mark Ellis, Team Leader for Scotland, UCCF:thechristianunions, Dundee, Scotland

"Combines good-going apologetics with the narrative of personal stories, all in a thoroughly readable and always engaging way: believers will be emboldened, doubters fortified, and atheists warmly challenged!"?
- Jeremy Middleton, Minister, Davidson's Mains Parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

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