9781921896316-Suffering Well: The Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering-Grimmond, Paul

Suffering Well: The Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering

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Grimmond, Paul | Matthias Media


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If you had to explain to a friend what the Bible says about suffering, what would you say?

Paul Grimmond writes:

"As I began to write this book, I thought I knew pretty much what I was going to say. But the more I read the Bible, trying to find the right passages to make the points I thought I needed to make, the more uneasy I felt."

Come with Paul and discover the surprises he uncovers as he asks some of the most basic questions of the Christian life: Why do we suffer? And what does it mean to suffer—and even die—well?

This book is part of the Guidebooks for Life series. Like other titles in the series, it covers an important issue of the Christian life in an accessible and straightforward way.

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