Mission Accomplished: Family Easter Devotional | James | 9781939946577

Mission Accomplished: A Two-Week Family Easter Devotional

Product Code: 9781939946577

James, Scott | New Growth Press


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Rediscover the greatest rescue mission in history with your children. Spend the week before and after Easter walking with Jesus through the suffering of the cross, the joy of resurrection, and the beginning of Christianity. Each of the fourteen devotions takes just ten minutes and is suitable for children of all ages. Included are family activities and hymns to help your family remember and apply the truth that Christ is risen indeed!

Nearly 2,000 years ago, a simple wooden cross and an empty tomb served as the setting for the greatest rescue mission in history—the good news of a loving Father going to great lengths to save his broken children. Every year at Easter, with a joyful shout of  “Christ is risen!” we declare again the climax of this great story. Although Easter Sunday only happens once a year, the truths behind it are big enough to shape our lives every single day.

"Mission Accomplished is just the sort of resource families need; one that draws them into the Bible, points them to Jesus, and stirs them to worship. For such a short book it provides a delightfully rich sampling of the many reasons we have to celebrate Easter." --- Jack Klumpenhower, Author of Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids

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