9781601784636-Living in a Godly Marriage (Deepen Your Christian Life)-Beeke, Joel R.; La Belle, James

Living in a Godly Marriage (Deepen Your Christian Life)

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Beeke, Joel R.; La Belle, James | Reformation Heritage


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The Puritans believed that godly marriages were foundational for the future life of families, churches and nations. Therefore, they wrote prolifically on the subject of marriage, seeking to bring biblical reformation to this subject in a comprehensive way. Martin Luther, John Calvin and other previous Reformers had begun this task, but the Puritans took it much further, writing a number of detailed treatises on how to live as godly spouses.

Out of the wealth of material available to us from the seventeenth century, Joel R. Beeke and James A. La Belle have gathered together insights from the past and summarised them in a contemporary form in order to encourage modern day couples to glorify God in marriage.

"In the midst of the cultural confusion as to the definition of marriage comes this refreshing work from Joel Beeke and James La Belle that provides all Christians with a biblical view of this God-sanctioned institution through the wisdom of the Puritans... Use this book to breathe new life and new joy into your marital relationship while seeking to live together for God's glory."?
- Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas, Texas

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