Teaching Truth, Training Hearts | Nettles | 9781943539031

Teaching Truth, Training Hearts: The Study of Catechisms in Baptist Life

Product Code: 9781943539031

Nettles, Thomas J. | Founders Press


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Truth transforms. The catechisms contained in this book are a rich storehouse of God’s truth. They have been used by many for the purpose of renewing minds and refreshing hearts. Whether using this book for personal study, family devotion, or teaching in the church, you will find it an excellent resource for training the intellect and affections.

"Here is a collection of ‘the best of the best’ Baptist catechisms that have shown themselves to be an invaluable teaching aid in instructing both children and adults, new believers and seasoned disciples alike. This book is a treasure house of Bible doctrine that will benefit all who plunge into its concise statements of core scriptural truths.” ----Steven J. Lawson

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