9781884527371-Gospel and Sexual Orientation, The-Lefebvre, Michael (Editor)

Gospel and Sexual Orientation, The

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Lefebvre, Michael (Editor) | Crown & Covenant


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In 2010, a committee was appointed by the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America to study "one of the most important cultural issues of our day." Synod saw the need to provide guidance for congregations on the subject of homosexual orientation, not simply about the scriptural, scientific and moral issues, but also guidance for care and counsel to someone who believes their identity is homosexual.

The result is a rare paper worthy of a book and worthy of a readership beyond a small church denomination and even beyond the realm of conservative Presbyterianism. The work not only interacts with contemporary scholarship and holds the Scriptures in high esteem, but also presents a model of how to care for and walk alongside a person who is struggling with his or her sexual identity.

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