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There's been huge cultural change in the last few decades. Same-sex marriage would have been unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago; now it's almost universally accepted in the Western world. Now suddenly, the issue of transgender is the next big social, cultural issue that has dominated the headlines. In this short book, Vaughan Roberts surveys the Christian worldview and seeks to apply these principles, showing how Christians can think and act biblically, wisely and lovingly over the issue of transgender.

Talking Points is a series of short books designed to help Christians think, talk and relate to others with compassion, conviction and wisdom about today's big issues.

"In this brief book on a complex subject Vaughan Roberts combines the traditional Christian understanding of gender and the body, with a very careful, loving, understanding stance toward transgender people. The two almost never go together, and that's why this book is so good!"?
- Tim Keller, Pastor, Author and Vice-President of The Gospel Coalition

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