9781629953014-Thinking Through Creation: Genesis 1 and 2 as Tools of Cultural Critique-Watkin, Christopher

Thinking Through Creation: Genesis 1 and 2 as Tools of Cultural Critique

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Watkin, Christopher | P&R Publishing


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Reading Genesis 1 and 2, we are tempted to see only problems to solve. Yet these two chapters burst with glorious truths about God, our world and ourselves. In fact, their foundational doctrines are among the richest sources of insight as we pursue robust, sensitive, and constructive engagement with others about contemporary culture and ideas.

With deftness and clarity, Christopher Watkin reclaims the Trinity and creation from their cultural despisers and shows how they speak into, question and reorient some of today’s most important debates.

“Watkin does much more than round up the usual proof texts: he rather calls our attention to biblical patterns that diagonally cut through taken-for-granted false dichotomies... Take up and take heed.”
- Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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