Post-Christian: A Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture

Post-Christian: A Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture

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Veith, Gene Edward | Crossway


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We live in a post-Christian world. Contemporary thought—claiming to be “progressive” and “liberating”—seeks to undermine biblical Christianity, but in fact contradicts culture itself by assaulting family, community, authority, and nature. Today’s Christians need to understand the underlying worldviews of the post-Christian culture in order to navigate these new challenges in their world. This insightful book charts the course of how postmodernism led to our post-Christian times; explores how Christians can combat today's constructivism, relativism, and Gnosticism; and offers solutions to those problems as a way to recover reality, rebuild culture, and revive faith.

320 pages

Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction:  After Postmodernism.  

Part I: Reality

2. Constructing Our Own Worlds: The Ptolomaic Counter-Revolution

3. Knowing Nature: The Dominance of Science

4. Mastering Nature: The Achievements of Science

5. Recovering Reality: The Story of Kant’s Neighbor  

Part II: The Body

6. The End of Sex: The Exaltation of Barrenness 

7. Repudiating the Body: Engineering Children and Oneself

8. Sexual Counter-Revolution: Towards a Theology of the Body

Part III: Society

9. Culture & Anti-Culture: Society without Community 

10. Power Politics & the Death of Education: From Relativism to Absolutism 

11. Rebuilding Civilization: Options for the Dark Ages

Part IV: Religion

12. Spiritual but not Religious: The Religion of the Nones  

13. Religious but Not Spiritual: The New Gods 

14. Post-Christian Christianity: Desecularizing the Church

15. Conclusion: Towards the Post-Secular


Post-Christian is a provocative overview of the challenges Christians at the whipping post face. As the sea of faith temporarily recedes, fewer people have the confidence to debate ideas, raise children, and build institutions. Gene Veith explains the problems of constructing our own worlds, exalting barrenness, and building society without community. Some leaders say we’ll survive by secularizing the church, but this book shows a better way: pray and work for a new reformation.”
Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief, WORLD Magazine

“No one has taught me how to think like a Christian more than Gene Veith. Post-Christian just may be the magnum opus of a writer and thinker who has already contributed a body of work of immeasurable worth to the church. This book is a library in miniature for the Christian who wants to navigate the post-Christian world biblically, thoughtfully, and faithfully. It should be on the shelf in every Christian home.”
Karen Swallow Prior, author, On Reading Well and Fierce Convictions

“Gene Veith’s Post-Christian is a logical, cogent, sensible, no-spin, facts-based, unapologetic analysis of the zeitgeist in Western culture. Which is to say, it’s not very politically correct. But that’s a good thing! In this post-truth, reality-denying cultural moment, we need the grounded sanity this book provides. Highly informative and well-researched, Post-Christian is a treasure trove of wisdom and a valuable resource for the church’s revitalization.”
Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Uncomfortable and Hipster Christianity

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