9780978556754-Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest-Welch, Edward

Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest

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Welch, Edward T. | New Growth Press


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One of the haunting dilemmas of the human condition is that fear is "an inescapable feature of earthly life." Every person who has lived on this earth has encountered fear. Tragically, for this reason, our race for the good life finds us all too often 'running scared.'

In this book, Edward T. Welch investigates the roots of fear in the human soul and the ramifications of living in the grips of anxiety, worry and dread. He encourages readers to discover for themselves that the Bible is full of beautiful words of comfort for fearful people. Within the framework of thirty topical meditations, Welch offers sound biblical theology and moment-by-moment, thoughtful encouragement for life-saving rescue in the midst of the heart and mind battlefield of rampant panic-stricken responses.

"Fear can make cowards of us all... In his characteristic voice which is both authoritative and sensitive, Welch inspires us to turn to God as our champion in our battle with fear."?
- Dr. Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

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