Engaging the World with Abraham Kuyper

Engaging the World with Abraham Kuyper

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Wagenman, Michael R. | Lexham Press


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Christ declares “Mine!” over every square inch of creation.

In his well-known quote, Abraham Kuyper expressed the defining characteristic of his public theology: Jesus’ sovereignty extends over all things. He believed Christians should engage the whole world in all of its various spheres. But what does that comprehensive calling practically look like for us today?

In Engaging the World with Abraham Kuyper, Michael Wagenman explores the practical application of Kuyper’s public theology. Using Kuyper’s own life as an example, he shows us how the gospel can permeate all aspects of society: our identity, public discourse, education, the church, politics. Ultimately, this means engaging the world with perceptive truth that’s mindful of the dynamics at work in our time and place.

Series Editor: Michael Haykin

112 pages


  • Introduction
  • Jesus is Lord of My Identity
  • Jesus is Lord of Public Discourse
  • Jesus is Lord of Education
  • Jesus is Lord of the Church
  • Jesus is Lord of Society
  • Jesus is Lord of Politics
  • Conclusion

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