Preaching to Be Heard: Delivering Sermons That Command Attention

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O’Neill, Lucas | Lexham Press


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“If a sermon is preached in a church and no one is listening, does it make a difference?”

There are many expository preachers who forego dynamic delivery and many dynamic preachers who lose sight of faithfully communicating the biblical text. Too often preachers feel they have to choose one or the other. But dynamic delivery and faithful exposition are not mutually exclusive.

In Preaching to Be Heard, Lucas O’Neill shows pastors that presenting engaging sermons that are biblically focused is not an impossibility. In fact, the key to commanding attention lies in the text itself. Rather than relying on tricks or gimmicks, his approach to sermon writing focuses on maintaining tension throughout while sticking close to the biblical text. Using practical examples and a step-by-step method, O’Neill shows pastors how relying on the inherent anticipation within Scripture can lead to sermons that are powerful—and heard.

241 pages

Can our preaching be expository and also grab people’s attention? O’Neill answers yes by explaining the role of building tension in preaching. The book is wonderfully clear and full of helpful illustrations and practical advice. A helpful read for every preacher!

—Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and professor of biblical theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

In his insightful book on preaching, Lucas O’Neill brings together a variety of disciplines and experiences into a unified and practical approach that will help any preacher—whether you're still in seminary or have been preaching for 20 years. For those that desire to grow in their ability to be both faithful to Scripture and command the attention of their hearers, this is the book for you.

—Julius J. Kim, dean of students and professor of practical theology, Westminster Theological Seminary (California); author of Preaching the Whole Counsel of God: Design and Deliver Gospel-Centered Sermons


  • Foreword by Bryan Chapell
  • Preaching That Commands Attention
  • Discover the Problem-Solution
  • Determine the Structure
  • Disclose the Ultimate Solution
  • Introducing Tension

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