9781911272472-Luther and the 9.5 Theses-Brownell, Kenneth

Luther and the 9.5 Theses

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Brownell, Kenneth | 10Publishing


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With hindsight, key moments in history that seemed momentary can come to be incredibly iconic. Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg 500 years ago, is such a moment.

In this book, Kenneth Brownell explains why making the 95 Theses public was such a turning point in church history. He draws out 9 (and a half!) key points from the theses that are crucial for us to uphold today if we want to be faithful to Christ and His gospel in our generation.

This is a fast-paced look back at one of the defining moments of Christian history, and a challenging look ahead to see how we can stand for the truth of the Bible.

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