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Scottish Puritans: 2 Volume Set: Select Biographies

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Scottish Puritans - Select Biographies constitute one of the great treasures of Scottish Christian literature. In quick succession, we meet justly famous and revered figures such as John Welsh, David Dickson, William Guthrie and James Fraser of Brea, but also the lesser known and long forgotten, like the land-labourer of Carrick, John Stevenson.

Here are the stories and reflections of men and women who, in times of great darkness, testing and suffering, tasted what the author of Hebrews calls 'the powers of the age to come.'

"This is a magnificent two-volume set, calculated to stir the soul and to find a place of honour and affection in every Christian who loves to read the thrilling history of the Scottish church!"?
- Sinclair B. Ferguson

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