9781845506407-Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Church History-Severance, Diana Lynn

Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Church History

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Severance, Diana Lynn | Christian Focus


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From commoner to queen, the women in this book embraced the freedom and the power of the Gospel in making their contributions to the unfolding of history. Where possible, the women here speak for themselves, from their letters, diaries or published works. The story of women in Christian history inspires, challenges and demonstrates the grace of God that has produced so much fruit throughout time.

"'What women these Christians have!' exclaimed Libanius, the fourth century teacher of rhetoric. His words are amply underscored and vividly illustrated in this deeply researched and highly readable survey of the last 2,000 years - an appraisal that Diana Severance invariably places against the enduring touchstone of Scripture."
Richard Bewes ~ OBE, Author and retired rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

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