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McCheyne’s Dundee

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In the mid-nineteenth century, Dundee was gradually establishing itself as Scotland’s third-largest city. What most attracted observers’ attention, however, was the religious revival that began in the Fall of 1839 under the leadership of two relatively young and inexperienced ministers, Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843) and William Chalmers Burns (1815-1868).

In this book, historian Bruce McLennan ably traces the story of revival in this industrial Scottish seaport. After looking at the context of Dundee, he then considers McCheyne and Burns – their backgrounds, ministries, and their impact as God’s instruments of revival. McLennan concludes with an analysis of the reactions to the revival – both approbation and opposition – and the awakening’s long-term effects.

“This fresh analysis of the ministries of McCheyne and Burns is a timely reminder of what real revival consists of and how these young men selflessly gave their all to reach the lost, the poor, the sick, the dying, and especially the young, that God alone would be glorified. Expect to be convicted and challenged afresh...”
- Michael D. McMullen, Professor of Church History, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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