9780692919996-Our Secular Age: The Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor-Hansen, Collin (Editor)

Our Secular Age: The Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor

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Hansen, Collin (Editor) | The Gospel Coalition


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Probably no book published in the last decade has been so ambitious as Charles Taylor’s ‘A Secular Age’. He seeks nothing less than to account for the spread of secularism and decline of faith in the last 500 years.

Now a remarkable roster of writers – including Carl Trueman, Michael Horton, and Jen Pollock Michel – considers Taylor’s insights for the church’s life and mission, covering everything from healthcare to liturgy to pop culture and politics. Nothing is easy about faith today. But endurance produces character, and character produces hope, even in our secular age.

"No philosopher has offered more insight regarding the state of belief in the modern age than Charles Taylor. In Our Secular Age, first-rate evangelical scholars and practitioners deliver 13 essays in which they explore and apply Taylor's thought. This work will benefit all Christians by teaching them to communicate the gospel to a secular culture with neither ignorance nor fear."
- Russell Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, The Southern Baptist Convention

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