Spiritual Life, The

Spiritual Life, The

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Vitringa, Campegius & Telfer, Charles (Translator) | Reformation Heritage


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What does it mean to have spiritual life, and how does a believer achieve it? What are the fruits of this spiritual life, and what are the hindrances and helps for cultivating it?

In this classic treatise of Reformed spirituality, Campegius Vitringa provides answers to these questions as he teaches what it means to be made alive in Christ. Translated into English for the first time, The Spiritual Life is accompanied by a helpful biographical sketch of the author and revives the riches of Reformed piety for a new generation of readers.

226 pages

"Readers thirsting for sage counsel on growing in greater conformity to Christ can profit immensely from this work. Charles Tefler has done the church a great service by translating this wonderful book." 

-J. V. Fesko, Westminster Seminary California

"Vitringa carefully and profoundly explores the Bible's teaching on the life of God in the soul of the Christian. In a Christ-centered way, he shows the character, origin, and growth of that life. Tefler's translation is particularly clear and readable." 

-W. Robert Godfrey, Westminster Seminary California

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