Pressure Points: A Guide to Navigating Student Stress

Pressure Points: A Guide to Navigating Student Stress

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Abbott, Shelby | New Growth Press


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This humorous, poignant, and conversational guide invites young men and women to practically apply gospel solutions to all of life’s pressures, big or small. From navigating failure, roadblocks, and spiritual warfare to tackling relevant, hard-hitting topics such as drinking, sex, dating, pornography, and the fear of missing out, Pressure Points by Shelby Abbott encourages college students to consider Jesus in the midst of everyday struggles.

With twenty years of experience in college ministry, Shelby Abbott is keenly aware of the pressures young men and women face. Used for biblical reflection, group discussion, devotional reading, or large group Bible study discussion, Pressure Points is full of rich gospel hope for all readers. This flexible resource points to Scripture and Abbott’s funny, easily digestible reflections to help modern-day college students maneuver their early years toward the gospel, challenging young adults to see their struggles through a biblical lens.

By addressing relevant challenges and practical hardships with gospel advice, Pressure Pointsguides readers to see and lean on the person of Jesus, reflecting on important issues in light of the gospel. From waiting on the Lord with patience, learning to fellowship with him in his sufferings, to wrestling with purpose, relationships, and the growing challenges of today’s culture, Pressure Points is a timely and refreshing voice for young people pointing to a bottomless pit of grace.

160 pages

“With children in grade school, high school, and college, my family is just now learning to navigate the stresses and strains of student life. My children are grappling with the unique challenges it brings and we, as their parents, are learning to lead them through it. Pressure Points is just the guide we needed to do this well.”

Tim Challies , Blogger at

“Being a student is stressful. We’re at an age and time where pressure feels perpetual and overwhelming. So we need help. We need resources from those who’ve been there and done that and can give us seasoned, brilliant advice. Enter Shelby Abbott. Shelby’s not only been there and done that—he works full-time with students who are still doing it. He’s funny, biblical, faithful, and wise. Pressure Points is a book every college student needs to read.”

Jaquelle Crowe, Author of This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years

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