Not If But When: Preparing Our Children for Worldly Images

Not If But When: Preparing Our Children for Worldly Images

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Pornography is wreaking havoc in our culture destroying families, and marriages. One of the greatest tools the enemy has used when it comes to pornography has been this: silence.

Too many parents have been embarrassed or felt ill–equipped to deal with this subject, so they don’t talk about it at all.

This book is meant to be read alongside your child. It is pitched at seven to twelve–year–olds. While you may protest that seven is too young, please note that the average age of porn exposure is now eight years–old. Plus, wouldn’t you want your children to be exposed to the truth of God’s Word about sex before they hear lies from the world?

As you introduce your children to the stories of Sarah or Samuel you will negotiate together the problems, challenges and truths of God’s wonderful gift of sex.


* Girls Story

* Boys Story

Each chapter has a scripture reading and two teaching points.

56 pages

  • Read to me: 7-11
  • Read Myself: 7-11

I’m thankful for Not If, But When and its simple, appropriate, and Bible–based lessons on the purpose and the power, the blessings and the boundaries, of God’s gift of sexuality.

Tim Challies, Blogger at

It’s a hard thing to admit or even to think about – but we live in a sexualised society where pornography is the norm. We want to protect our children but to ignore what is happening in the wider culture will not protect. Rather our children need to be taught openly and in a culturally appropriate way what the Bible teaches. ‘Not If But When’ does just that. An excellent resource for parents to use.

David Robertson, Well–known pastor and apologist

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