Gospel Story Bible Set

Gospel Story Bible Set


Machowski, Marty & Kennedy, Jared | New Growth Press

Hardcover Set

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This set includes one copy of The Gospel Story Bible and one copy of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible.

The Gospel Story Bible

It is easy to forget Jesus in the midst of frantic schedules, family squabbles and conflicting priorities. But the truth is that he is the hero of every story, including these ordinary ones. 

This is why Marty Machowski puts God's plan of salvation in Christ on continuous display in The Gospel Story Bible. The easy-to-read storybook introduces your family to many captivating people, places and events from the Bible's Old and New Testaments, showing how each one ultimately points to Jesus. 

Long Story Short and Old Story New are the family devotionals designed to go with with this marvellous resource.

The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

How do you explain the gospel to toddlers and preschoolers? Often adults are stumped, but Jared Kennedy’s focus on the promises of God makes the gospel come alive to the littlest hearts.

Through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible highlights God’s perfect promises. Every page pops with bright colors, playful illustrations, fun learning opportunities and, best of all, every story points children to Jesus. Each story also ends with a question that parents can use to further reinforce the message.

“This simple, beautifully illustrated story Bible is perfect for helping the youngest members of God’s family trace the gospel thread through the rich tapestry of Scripture. It will be the first story Bible I buy for all my grandchildren.”

--- Iain Duguid, Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

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