9781845508197-66 Books One Story: A Family Guide to Every Book of the Bible-Reynolds, Paul

66 Books One Story: A Family Guide to Every Book of the Bible

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If you've read the Bible, you probably know some of the important battles, a good chunk of the life of Jesus, maybe a Psalm or two - but what do you know about the minor prophets and the epistles? Do you have some loose ends that need tying up? This is where a book like this helps.

The Bible has one author - God - so we need to see the Bible as a whole, as God's Word. Every book of the Bible is the breath of God and the plan of Salvation spans all of Scripture. In this Bible overview each book of the Bible is summarised; background given; themes and theology explained.

"66 Books, 1 Story is an excellent teaching and reference resource for elementary children's ministry, Sunday School, or home schooling ... I'm thankful for such a well-written resource that will provide an excellent supplement both for teaching and family devotions.
- Jared Kennedy ~ Family Pastor, Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky

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