That Little Voice in Your Head: Learning about your Conscience

That Little Voice in Your Head: Learning about your Conscience

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Naselli, Andrew David | Christian Focus


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When that little voice in your head tells you that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing, do you listen to it?

Emma is a little girl whose Mommy explains to her that the little voice in her head is her conscience – a gift from God that tells her whether something is wrong or right. She explains how we can have a clean conscience because of Jesus, and how we train our consciences to work better by understanding the Bible.

If my kids could be five years old again, I would definitely read this book to them. One of the best things about a biblically rooted children’s book is that it helps parents as much as kids. I have no doubt that will happen with this book and while you’re at it, tell your teenagers they can sit all the way across the room, but they do have to listen the first time too.

--- John Piper, Founder of Desiring God Ministries

Wow! This is a great book! Andrew has done a wonderful job of bringing the concept of conscience down to level that is understandable to children. And he doesn’t just explain conscience as a concept, but explains how we can use this God–given tool to grow in godliness. What an invaluable resource for parents and teachers!

--- Connie Dever, Wife of Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Few aspects of parenting are more important—or more commonly overlooked—than informing and fostering our children’s conscience. This book helps parents with that crucial task, and for that reason I highly recommend it.

--- Tim Challies, author and blogger at

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