9781781913215-Water the Earth: A Student's Guide to Missions-Little, Aaron

Water the Earth: A Student's Guide to Missions

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Little, Aaron | CF4K


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This book will help you to understand your own mission, both life-long and short-term, and give you tips to accomplish outreach where you are called, whether around the world or down the street. Aaron Little reveals God's big-picture plan for missions while giving out handy details for your own evangelism in this punchy, entertaining and convicting guide.

"An elegant guide to missions, packing history, theology, and soul-searching repentance into a few short chapters."?
- Thor Sawin, Assistant Professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California

"A compelling primer of the mission of God... I haven't read a better, more concise, incisive guidebook!"?
- Mike Barnett, Dean, College of Intercultural Studies, Columbia International University

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