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When a generation finds the theology and practice of the modern church wanting, they turn to the internet for answers. An investigation into the roots of the Reformation reveals a theology that challenges everything they thought they knew about Christianity. With a fresh view of God, where do they go from here?

"Calvinist will speak to a generation with clarity and force, calling them to a serious consideration not only of the issues, but of the beauty of the theology that is deeply rooted in Scripture and yet seeks to soar into the heavens to declare the glory of God."
- James White

"Calvinist is one part documentary, one part introduction to the basics of Calvinism, and one part encouragement to young Calvinists not to stop at the tulips in the front garden but to continue into the Reformed house, to the communion of the saints, the ministry of the Word and sacrament, and the rest of the Reformed theology, piety, and practice... It encouraged me and I think it will encourage you too."?
- R. Scott Clark

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