9781938267932-NGP Fibromyalgia: God's Grace for Chronic Pain Sufferers-Smith, Robert

NGP Fibromyalgia: God's Grace for Chronic Pain Sufferers

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Smith, Robert | New Growth Press


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The pain is often excruciating. You feel hindered from being the person you want to be and from doing the activities you enjoy most. Adding to your struggle is the knowledge that your symptoms may never fully go away. How do you find encouragement in a situation that seems hopeless?

Robert Smith helps connect you to the God who sees your suffering and has compassion for you. By showing you Christ's response to pain in his life, as well as what his suffering has accomplished for us, he offers you hope and power to continue to grow daily in grace and faith.

Packed full of applied Biblical wisdom, these guides address highly relevant issues for anyone seeking counsel.

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