9781619701397-Greek New Testament, The: Fifth Revised Edition with Dictionary (UBS 5)-Aland, K., Metzger, B. (Editors)

Greek New Testament, The: Fifth Revised Edition with Dictionary (UBS 5)

Product Code: 9781619701397

Aland, K., Metzger, B. (Editors) | German Bible Society


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While the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece is designed for scholarly research, the Greek New Testament, 5th Revised Edition is designed for translators and students. Like NA28, this is the leading edition of the original text of the New Testament. It contains the same Greek text as NA28, differing only in some details of punctuation and paragraphing.

The critical apparatus includes exegetically significant variants (fewer than NA28) but adds extensive manuscript evidence (more than NA28) for each variant, thereby offering in-depth instruction for students on how variants and the evidence for them work together.

The Greek New Testament is not intended as a basis for comprehensive text-critical work, but provides a foundation for translations of the New Testament worldwide. It presents to its users a reliable Greek text, and for selected passages - wherever significant variants exist in the New Testament manuscripts - elucidates the course of its development.

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