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Reformers Book Review: Jesus and the Lions' Den (Alison Mitchell)

Posted by Thomas Eglinton on

TRANSCRIPT: G'day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop. Jesus and the Lion's Den is a new book in the Tales that Tell the Truth series: "The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross"; "God's Very Good Idea" are two other great books in that series. But this book tells you the true story about Daniel, and it's got Catalina's beautiful illustrations showing you how Daniel was... the true story of Daniel... but the great thing about this book is that when you get to the end of the story... where are we... it's not the end! It's not the end, and what...

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Book Review: The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read

Posted by Andrew Deligiorgakis on

Book Review by Cassie Watson Cassie Watson is a ministry apprentice at Merrylands Anglican Church, working to see women grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus. You can follow her blog or connect with her on Twitter Plenty of books have been written on how to be a great pastor. Far fewer teach us how to be great church members. This seems strange considering that vocational pastors make up such a small percentage of the church. Christopher Ash fills the gap with The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read. His goal is to encourage “a healthy two-way dynamic in...

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